About Motheroots

It's a Collaboration

Independent therapists, Gaby Donnell, LCSW, and Laurie Cox, LCSW, are committed to meeting the unique needs of women and their partners in the childbearing years. Laurie and Gaby use mindfulness strategies, EMDR, sand tray, and conversation to help you resolve difficult issues and identify and connect with your inner resources.

We have extensive experience + training helping women with:

  • Fertility concerns and decision-making
  • Pregnancy and birth concerns
  • Processing traumatic births
  • Pre-term and infant loss
  • Transition to parent for individuals
  • Changes a couple face in parenthood
  • Perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Your own childhood issues impacting parenting 

Growing Through the Challenges

On the journey to parenthood, women and their partners may encounter unexpected challenges.


Many couples face obstacles in fertility and find themselves on an emotional roller coaster. They may feel alone and unsure about how to proceed with difficult decisions. Exploring the impact of this process in a safe environment through counseling allows couples to stay connected with themselves and each other.


  • Fertility concerns and decision-making
  • Therapeutic support during the fertility process
  • Adoption exploration


Motheroots counselors support couples as they navigate grief and loss. We help couples communicate their feelings and needs, and find ways to nurture each other and themselves. Whatever the challenges, we respect and honor the courage it takes to explore and take your own path.

We can help you address concerns and issues including:

  • Pre-term and infant loss
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Preparing for a subsequent pregnancy
  • Grieving the loss of a parent or family support
  • Miscarriage

Prenatal Counseling

The Journey to Motherhood

Throughout time women have come together to support, celebrate, and welcome new mothers. Laurie and Gaby are committed to sustaining this tradition by helping women connect with their own wisdom and the rich resources of the community.

As you prepare for the birth of a baby, you also travel an inner journey to your new self as a mother. These physical, emotional, and spiritual changes can help you to birth and create an expanded identity as a woman. We at Motheroots offer a safe place to explore and honor this journey.  


Your Work Can Focus On:

  • Fears about giving birth
  • Self image and your changing body
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Processing a previous difficult birth
  • Creating nurturing birth and postpartum support

Postpartum Counseling  

The Road to Parenthood is Rich and Complex

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood can take unexpected turns which leave couples feeling distressed and overwhelmed.  Twenty percent  of new mothers experience postpartum depression and anxiety. Supportive therapy breaks isolation and helps mothers and their partners understand the steps to recovery.   


We Can Help With:

  • Postpartum depression
  • Postpartum anxiety
  • Scary thoughts
  • Processing traumatic births
  • Facing the emotional challenges in mothering
  • Balancing work and parenting
  • Nurturing yourself and your relationship
  • Healing childhood wounds

Additional Support

Creative Parenting

Creating a family is a time of intense change. It is challenging to find the time and energy to focus on your relationships and yourself. Many couples feel that they are struggling to find a healthy balance.

Experiences in your own upbringing can be obstacles to becoming the parent you wish to be. The counselors at Motheroots are committed to helping people create families that resonate with their own values and beliefs.

We can help you to address concerns and challenges including:

  • Relationship concerns
  • Balancing work and parenting
  • Attachment and bonding
  • Childhood issues
  • Nurturing self
  • Life transitions
  • Loss