Growing Through the Challenges

On the journey to parenthood, women and their partners may encounter unexpected challenges.


Many couples face obstacles in fertility and find themselves on an emotional roller coaster. They may feel alone and unsure about how to proceed with difficult decisions. Exploring the impact of this process in a safe environment through counseling allows couples to stay connected with themselves and each other.


  • Fertility concerns and decision-making
  • Therapeutic support during the fertility process
  • Adoption exploration


Motheroots counselors support couples as they navigate grief and loss. We help couples communicate their feelings and needs, and find ways to nurture each other and themselves. Whatever the challenges, we respect and honor the courage it takes to explore and take your own path.

We can help you address concerns and issues including:

  • Pre-term and infant loss
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Preparing for a subsequent pregnancy
  • Grieving the loss of a parent or family support
  • Miscarriage