It Takes A Village

It takes a village to raise a mom. A village that reminds us mothering is valuable, sacred and challenging. A village that teaches us to nourish ourselves, feed our souls, and let go of the belief that mothers should always be sacrificing. We need a village to teach us compassion for our partners, our children, and ourselves. 

Isolation is a major problem for many mothers I see in counseling. Self -judgment, and fear of not being accepted keep some women from reaching out towards others. The relief I see as women develop their interests, find kindred spirits, and give and receive support is amazing. We are indeed all creating a more supportive and caring village.

I have been in a mom’s group for 19 years now, and as my children have grown I know that I can call these women to ask for advice, support, or comfort when I need it The connection that women create in our community is critical to our well being as mothers, and to our planet. The more we speak, listen and support one another, the stronger and healthier we all become.

"The remedy for hard silences about crucial matters seems so simple: When you are together, in one place, be together truly. Tell your troubles, your confusions. Without answers, you can still be together in the search. You must be reckless." -Kim Stafford