Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff, PhD

A Gift For Your Heart

Self-compassion is proving to be a major indicator of mental well being. The way we talk to ourselves in our minds is often judgmental, critical, and harsh. Therefore many people walk around with a burden of shame that is toxic and prevents them from knowing their true nature.

Mindfulness teachers, therapists, and researchers such as Brene Brown are recognizing the importance of self-compassion in lowering stress, and leading a more easeful life.

The culture of Mothering, inhibits our abilities to nurture ourselves, and develop self compassion. Comparisons, guilt, and perfectionism pressure moms to believe in an "ideal mother". Striving for this fictitious ideal can increase anxiety, depression and a feeling that one is broken.

I Invite you to look at the work of Kristen Neff a researcher, and tender mother who has exercises and information about how to strengthen the muscle of self compassion. The meditations are short and powerful.

You can also read more on her site